deez links merch, as a treat

Soooooooooooo this February marks the fourth!!! year!!!! of writing this daily(ish) newsletter, and let me just say that it has been an honor and a delight and the coolest passion project in the universe. Thank you for letting me slide into your inbox to nerd out on this bizarro media milieu of ours. 

To celebrate Deez Links’ ~fourth birthday,~ I’m psyched to do something that I’ve always hoped to do — something that’ll make Deez Links a lil more official and also, frankly, a more sustainable enterprise: the launch of a Deez Links merch shop.

Which means YES, you can now snag a Deez Links tote like these ones whenever you want...

(these are etsy-era ones but the new ones have the same design!)

But ALSO, you can get in on some Deez Links pins — one with just the logo, and one that yes, is a sausage link about to get roasted, because fork the media patriarchy yeah???

Huge thanks to the extremely talented Natasha Ygsi and the team at DFTBA for making this beauteous merch shop possible, and everlasting ups to you guys for being the most supportive crew in the world. 

If you’ve enjoyed the newsletter (whether for four years or just like, four days ‘cause of that freaky Mikey Barbs post, which: welcome!) and have been looking for a way to either support Deez Links or rep forked sausages, please consider snagging yourself some pins or a lil tote to help spread the love. 

Here’s the link; send me pics if you get some cool stuff??

Take me to the Deez Links shop!

ily guys, xoxo


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