even your "scrappy" faves aren't immune from toxic work culture

So Jezebel’s account of all the horrifying bullying and Toxic Media Startup Bro Syndrome that has apparently been going down at Remezcla for ages is just one rolling horror story, not only about the all-too familiar ways “scrappy” outlets get away with working 20-something-year-old women of color into the ground and casually not having an HR department, but also re: the crushing betrayal incurred when this shit is happening at a supposedly mega progressive outlet that was designed in the first place to give voice to underrepresented Latinx culture.

The details are bad, but I was struck by the common thread in a lot of the interviews from the women staffers where they talk about just being too inexperienced or early in their careers to have expected better. It makes you wonder if maybe the sum total of all this recent reportage on toxic media culture (/ work culture in general since the #MeToo Movement) means that every time a piece like this gets published, we’re arming future generations with incredibly valuable warning: that work — even for a dream job at the dream company — should never feel like this. And for those of us who are already here, it’s our responsibility to make sure of it.

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