finding asian joy on (duh) tiktok

alternate headline: the joy TOK club????

Well, this has been quite the week for Asian grief, hasn’t it? (See Lori Keong’s piece for SELF and Jiayang Fan’s comment for the New Yorker for incisive, personal analyses if you haven’t yet).

I’ve been feeling pretty topped up on the anger and mourning, so in lieu of being able to gather with family and friends to co-process everything, I spent this past weekend turning to my TikTok archives, of course, in search of some Asian joy. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. From @elinameng: I’ve watched this one at least 100 times! Growing up, my dad’s parents lived with us for a little bit, and my grandpa would practice martial arts with his prop sword in the front yard. We had to ask him to keep it to the (fenced) back yard because, well, people got freaked out.

  2. From @mim_furu: Even on my most cynical days, I think about how amazing it is that it’s **cool** to post this kind of stuff and generally be into your heritage??

  3. From @dweezletof: Ok this one’s a little bizarre if you aren’t familiar with the meme but I mean I laughed

  4. From @hungry_fam: this one’s just nice :’)

  5. From @justmaiko: so is this one :’’’’) man i miss hanging with my brother at this age lol

  6. From @zaraliang: swear to god i’m exposed more to the culture on TikTok than anywhere else

  7. From traditional outfits ‘tok part 1

  8.  From @ananya.h.kulkarni:  traditional outfits ‘tok part 2

  9. From @larrygao: the last motivational vid you’ll ever need

  10. From @francheswangtv: this is Alan Kim from the Critics Choice Awards but worth 5,000 more rewatches if you ask me.

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