hearst does a union busting; website not even that good

There is something nearly hilariously unhinged about the fact that Hearst, a media company, is waging some kind of mickey mouse information campaign against their own employees in response to unionization efforts……...like hello sirs…….(because let’s be honest, it’s def some sirs behind this)…..…... do you recall what industry you are in?? and/or how your employees are l i t e r a l l y professionals at sussing out good vs. bad intel?????? Also i mean lol i’m sorry but WHAT is this Pantone-Helvetica-nail-polish-basics situation going on:

like, it’s okay to not have Condé-level funds (girl, who does) but I am overwhelmingly positive any communications major capstone could whip up something better on like, wix.com. 

Anyway, anyone win bingo yet??