i've got your thursday night plans right here

If you also saw Twitter aflutter last week about comedian Ziwe Fumudoh doing an IG live interview with Alison Roman (future generations will be able to take Alison Roman Discourse 1100 as an accredited history class one day I hope) and weren’t totally sure what the deal was, Vanity Fair’s Yohana Desta has the Q&A with Ziwe that you need, complete with asking the obvious question: How did you get so comfortable asking people uncomfortable questions? To which Ziwe answers:

I like awkwardness. I like tension. I’ve gone through several white institutions as sort of an other, so I am constantly having conversations where I’m the person who’s uncomfortable and the people I’m talking to are none the wiser. I’m confronted with these issues when I’m talking to someone and they say, “Oh, I got married on a plantation.” Well, why did you get married on a plantation? The subtext is uncomfortable for me, so I want to bring the subtext to the foreground.

All eyes peeled for whether we get Lea Michele on the docket for this week’s show (follow @ziwef, her shows are Thursdays at 8). Ahh, appointment viewing. How I’ve missed you. (@menshealthmag see you there??)

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