links to help u ponder the weirdness of human connection today

Some links that have been percolating in our minds to help you scratch that V-day itch:

Read this: You Know You Want This, by Kristen Roupenian / the “Cat Person” author. Everyone’s saying it’s nOt aS gReAt aS “Cat Person,” but we totally ate it up because, tbh, it was hideously dark and clever and insightful about the psycho ways we relate to other humans, and sometimes that’s just what the doctor’s ordered.

And also this: How To Be Alone, a book of essays published late last year from former Cosmo editor & Onion writer Lane Moore. If you’re into attachment theory, horrific dating stories, and equally horrific stories about being a low-paid intern in NYC, this one’s got it all. Moore did a GQ q&a for V-day, too, if you don’t have the time for a whole book!

Watch this: Arctic, if you have a schmancy indie movie theater near you. It’s like a grownup The Hatchet, but with Mads Mikkelsen stomping around doing dudely wilderness things while also being a very gentle non-problematic caretaker and a great avatar of our baseline need for human connection.

aaand save this: The lovely and underrated personal finance blog, The Billfold, is closing down, which means you have to read A Story of a Fuck Off Fund and tattoo it in your brain ASAP to guard against getting fucked over by bad partners/jobs/life events. Fact: there is no form of self love greater than having a fuck off fund!!!