Ok but why is the Planet Money TikTok so weird and so good

It’s been quite the minute since I’ve listened to the Planet Money podcast, a little bit because I am still coming to terms with just generally not being a huge pod person (I know that’s media heresy, but call me when you can skim or “reread” audio ok!!), plus it has always seemed to me that nothing’s quite lived up to the 2013 Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt series (do you guys remember that?? Honestly the proto-Serial moment in audio storytelling!!) for them ever since. 

BUT at some point during recent TikTok dives, between all the Chinese street fashion and dancing dog vids, I stumbled across Planet Money’s account and now I’m re-obsessed. They are just so WEIRD and ironic and low-fi and great — def. watch the stock market one, the inflation one, and the J. Crew one — plus the host (who IS he??) has seriously enviable belt panache.

In short, it’s brilliant for an NPR podcast to be comfy getting this creatively bizarro on the platform that most rewards that kind of content, and let that be a lesson to all of you who are thinking that running a brand ‘Tok is just a matter of republishing the same ol’ same ol’. It shouldn’t be!! It can be so much more!!!

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