Signal Boost: Saturday edition

**Please reach out to each person directly if you can help + if you want to be added, DM me on Twitter!

—Multimedia / Production—

María Fernanda: I’m a freelance photographer and video producer, art director and I work in digital marketing for a non profit. Right now I can offer a variety of things, video editing, post production in general, subtitling, photo retouching and editing, social media marketing strategies and consulting and community management. portfolio at / contact at / instagram @mfgonz

—Marketing / Communications—

Kerry Graue:
Consumer & lifestyle focused (music/entertainment, CPG, sports, pop culture). I’ve been both agency and in house with 15+ years experience. In NYC Metro area and would like to stay in market. Email /

Loraina London Calderon: I am a 23 year old content creator looking for work in fashion editorial, Commerce or entertainment. (818)2331016

—Writing / Editing—

Sai Villafuerte: I'm a freelance journalist specialising in cultural reporting. Bylines include VICE, Munchies, HuffPost, Huck, etc. I also produce a newsletter on contemporary culture called Cultural Learnings. I'm looking for opportunities in features, essays, reporting, profiles, etc. - especially long-form!

Valerie Veteto: I'm a copywriter/editor with 5+ years of experience writing long-form content, print/digital ads, web copy, email marketing campaigns, SEO, and brand narratives. My most recent gig was at Salesforce, before that I was at Lyft. I've also worked heavily in the arts + journalism sectors including SF Film Society, NYLON, and MTV. Reach out at:

Megan Clement: I'm a reporter/feature writer based in Paris. I can write about France, gender, human rights, international development and urban planning. Also skilled at editing reports/white papers/content strategies. My email:

Tamara Dunn: I was recently laid off from my job as a news editor at a newspaper in Wilkes-Barre. I could certainly use any kind of help you could offer. Here is my portfolio site which has my resume and work samples:

Hannah Black: I was laid off from my newspaper job. I've been out of school for two years and spent that time covering mainly city government and public safety in the Twin Cities suburbs and will be looking for similar work at (preferably daily) papers and news sites throughout the country. I'm most interested in covering government and the environment. Email is

Dan Stahl: freelance writer/editor for NBC News, New York Post, Backstage, Livestrong, and Reebok. I’m looking for writing work and open to almost anything. I have particular experience covering health and fitness, arts and culture, education, and LGBTQ issues. Feel free to email me at

Rayna Katz: I'm a displaced restaurant and travel trade editor and writer seeking a new position with a print or online publication. Alternatively, I'd like a writing and/or editing position in-house with a company or non-profit org., and if all that fails, I'm seeking more freelance work.; 646-715-5246.

Sophie Matthews: Looking to write anything relating to food, fashion, health, lifestyle, and books. Lots of books. In house editorial background and freelance experience with bylines at HuffPost, SheReads, etc. Email:

Michael Silver: I'm a sports and music journalist based in Southern California. Have written for Billboard, OC Weekly, Front Office Sports and SiriusXM. Happy to interview artists / athletes for features, streetwear profiles, product reviews, etc. Email

Taylor Balkom: I’m a Portland, Oregon-based all-around freelance photojournalist available for any and all news coverage. Email /

Curtis Silver: I was just laid off, but from my day job as a business analyst, but my side gig (which is going to keep me from starving) is as a writer. Email /

Brian Wu: Brian is an MD/PhD graduate and current psychiatrist. He is interested in transforming complex medical topics into material accessible for all. He is interested in systems based care and helping those through education and quality improvement along with treating each patient individually. He is especially interested in storytelling as a tool to educate and inform. He aims to help clients help their readers and users.

Taylor Bello: I’m looking for any kind of work I can get in writing or editing. My background is in features, copy editing/proofreading, and general assignment, but if someone’s willing to take a chance on me for anything else, I will learn fast! I can be reached at or 8283617895

Alex Veeneman: Alexis a journalist looking for freelance and full time opportunities. His work has been featured in publications in both the US and the UK, and is an active member of the Society of Professional Journalists. He can be reached at and his web site is located here.  

Emily Joy Oomen: I am a dynamic journalist with skills in video editing, social media, and writing looking for work in solutions and arts journalism. I have a good amount of experience under my belt and am as ambitious as a cup of morning coffee. Work has appeared in VICE. Email 

Melanie Laporte: Boss passed away from Covid-19, all work gone. I write health and beauty articles plus do marketing work. 

Ray Marcano: Looking for writing and editing freelance work. Specialties: finance, business, education, sports, health and medicine. Email

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