So much of TV now is just slightly fancier YouTuber aesthetic and i love it 

This piece from BF News, How The Coronavirus Is Changing Television Production, will be deeply interesting to everyone who’s become increasingly unable to tolerate watching TV shows depicting people living in the normal universe (just... touching their faces with wanton abandon! It’s obscene!!) and anyone who’s also just enjoying the general ~college group project~ vibes we’re getting from everything else (SNL is getting better but it’s still very YouTuber improv imo). 

My favorite details: 

  1. How the Kardashians are filming everything themselves with iPhones (nature is healing?) which feels so appropriate that I’m hugely curious how it’ll turn out

  2. The fact that TheWalking Dead writers are in Zoom calls that last between four and five hours!!!!!! That 30-min check-in you have later today isn’t looking so bad now is it?

  3. This quote from the American Idol executive producer talking about how they’re pros with technical difficulties because “the show has a history of integrating new technology into the series, ever since American Idol encouraged viewers to text in their votes” which is really NOT the first example of groundbreaking remote technology I would personally reel off the top of my head, although now that I think about it, maybe Idol should handle November actually???

Signal Boost:

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