The Atlantic taking its New Englander roots maybe too seriously???

On Tuesday, The Atlantic debuted a VERY bold new look via a total redesign of its print mag, website, and logo — all of which, when you are a 162-year-old legacy magazine, can be nothing short of a bureaucratic feat to pull off without looking either nutso or just more boring. 

But the good news: It all looks nice!!! The homepage looks cleaner and calmer, and there’s something about that arty new font they’re using that just **feels** more literary and less, hmm how do I put this, obnoxious beltway masculine?? 

The thing that cracks me up, though, is the combo of this new Atlantic-y red, I guess, and the singular “A.” Both design elements are GREAT when separate…

Here’s the December issue:

And here’s the Twitter profile:

But when combined……..well...

………………...let’s just say it’s all a little too Nathaniel Hawthorney for our taste. 

But hey! As someone who used to get paid to talk about The Atlantic’s legacy as a New Englander abolitionist’s zine...I’m kind of here for the continuity. Plus, come on, it is a really good shade of red.


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