the book of revelations has nothing on the Church of Climate Change

In light of all the hellscape photos of the west coast wildfires getting shared around, I saw this 2019 Outline piece from Hayes Brown — The end times are here, and I am at Target — floating around Twitter yesterday (h/t Sabrina!) and highly recommend it.

There’s obviously no shortage of writing lately around the particular 2020 bent of existential despair, but I found it so wise (and hugely accessible!) the way Hayes uses religious references and compares our modern reckoning with climate change’s inevitability to all the times throughout history when people have thought for sure that it was The End (it’s a very Leftovers-y angle!).

The one major difference? There’s no promise of rebirth — “what’s the point of an apocalypse without a Rapture?” as Hayes puts it, and all of a sudden it makes sense why this endtimes feels more incomprehensible than one with seven-headed dragons and brimstone. 

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