the skimm is a net good, you guys

If you’re not paying attention to the Skimm, you’re not taking a whole generation of women readers seriously, full stop. Six years and 7 (!) million (!!!) subscribers later, the Skimm is still the go-to punching bag for everyone who pretends they don’t upspeak, but The Cut’s recent check-in with founders Carly and Danielle raises extremely good points about how the newsletter machine’s success embodies women’s overall rising political and economic power.

We like this ‘graf for the Axios shade (bookmark it for the next time some beltway bro lectures you about their one true god Mike Allen)...

And this one, which gets to the heart of the fact that, however that millennial kitsch tone rubs you personally, you can’t deny the fact that news told in an unapologetic female voice is still a net good.

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