“TV has long had a police’s eye perspective”

How do you talk about TV and entertainment at a time like this? By zeroing in on the way systemic racism dictates even the seemingly harmless procedurals you’ve spent your life watching / being indoctrinated by, which Kathryn VanArendonk does for Vulture in Cops Are Always the Main Characters:

There are many, many reasons why a cop’s point of view has become the default way to frame national unrest, including institutional and systemic racism, the capitalist urge to prioritize property over human life, and a political system that benefits those already in power. But TV plays a role, too. The overwhelming mountain of cop shows amounts to a decades-long cultural education in who deserves attention, and whose perspective counts most. In stories of American crime, TV teaches us that cops are the characters we should care about.

In addition to VanArendonk’s highlighting Orange Is The New Black and The Wire as exceptions to the usual “cops are the heroes” narrative, I’d also bump HBO’s Watchmen on that list as a superbly brilliant show (based on the graphic novel) whose entire premise around an imagined alternate reality following the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. Watch just episode 1 and episode 6 if you absolutely do not have the time, but it’s a wholly incredible saga, with superhero lore and some weird alien sci-fi-y elements, but the heart of the show is dedicated to deconstructing the rules around who gets to police whom. 

^Plus everyone wears masks, so it’s even more hugely relevant!

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