well here’s a bunch of new substacks to follow, stat

ICYMI: Huge congrats to the new class of Substack fellows, especially to Kaitlyn Greenidge, who won the very plum senior fellowship for her newsletter on cultural criticism that goes “beyond the language of stan or pan.” You can read her q&a about her plans here!

It’s been quite the Summer of Substack buzz, and now it’ll be verrrrrrry interesting to see what kinds of similarly zeitgeist-averse work the newsletter subscriber model is able to sustain long-term, especially beyond these sweet grants and advances. Idk about you guys, but I’m def. excited for all the weird and wonderful corners of internet that now get piped into my inbox regularly, though I *am* starting to think all of you who religiously maintain separate email aliases to keep your newsletter content vs. dentist appointment reminders apart could be onto something…...like has anyone invented a Pocket, but for emails, but cuter than an RSS feed? Not yet? Hmm. Andreessen Horowitz please.call me.

>> The Media Classifieds

  • There is so much talk about elevating marginalized voices. Narrative Muse was built on exactly that. We match audiences with just-for-you recommendations of books, movies, and (soon) TV series by and about women and non-binary folk and their intersectional identities. With every curation, we connect you with a new voice. Join us. www.narrativemuse.com

  • Numlock News is an indie morning newsletter that pops out fascinating numbers in the news. You’ll find great stories you’re missing and you’ll actually enjoy catching up on the world each morning. It’s free to read, no ads and subscriber-supported. Try Numlock out today!

  • Writing is hard and it's not getting easier. One More Question is a twice-weekly newsletter for freelance writers who want to make it work. Essays on writing + pitch opps + Q&As with editors offer the inspiration & know-how we all need. $5/month includes 1:1 pitch feedback!

  • Struggling with an ambitious creative project? From the author of Daily Rituals, Subtle Maneuvers is a free newsletter on wriggling through a creative life. Get a glimpse into how writers, artists & other inspired minds actually got it done. Plus, an advice column! Subscribe now.

  • Want to launch a local news business? Apply to join the Google News Initiative Startups Lab Boot Camp, a free eight-week program for aspiring news entrepreneurs, by August 17. We're also hiring for the Lab: a senior program manager and a community manager; apply by August 13.

  • Run It Back is an episodic newsletter about the history of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street. Learn about the iconic neighborhood’s famed Black entrepreneurs, the virulent racism they faced, and the research tools writers can use to shape compelling historical narratives. Subscribe now.

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