What if print journalism came with a lil packet of yeast rn

The way local publications are taking advantage of their distribution network for print products is so fascinating to me (see: this Iowan paper disseminating educational materials for the school district). The latest on this trend is how this Indian weekly, Manorama Weekly, is glueing vegetable seed packets inside their magazines during lockdown — apparently, circulation has gone up 30% since they started doing it. Helpful, and genius!

Now, if only the rest of media could figure out how to send us all a little batch of kombucha SCOBY right now (California Sunday maybe??) or like just one lil joint (VICE, looking at u) or at least figure out how to distill the smell of the summertime rooftop drinks into rip-out perfume samples, then we’d be in business eh?? 

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Kristen Kornbluth: I'm a digital journalist specializing in audience engagement and social media. I have experience running a small food vertical and spent the last year on a digital team at a legacy newspaper. Looking to work in digital media, especially in the food space. kristenkornbluth@gmail.com / @kornbiuth on twitter

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