When the deck says “frat party-meets-biosphere vibe,” you gotta click

As someone with not so much an interest in sports so much as just fascination with the trappings of our current sci-fi reality, I’ve been waiting for someone to go in deep on how berserk the whole NBA Bubble situation is (The Athletic already has of course but I mean do YOU have a login we can all use??), so the Vanity Fair piece on reporters on the inside really delivers. Apparently there is a snitch hotline! Cornhole action! The fact that having a reporter in the bubble can cost an outlet up to $550 a day! It all sounds like there’s equal potential for wholesome summer camp vibes as there is for total, unmitigated disaster. But I guess that’s true for all of us right now, protective bubble or not!

Anyway, if you want more bubble content, I highly recommend following @nbabubblelife on IG (NYT did a story on it here) and maybe pondering how the NBA is far more organized than civil society rn?? Just a thought.

(Pssst also, did you see the recent press about Deez Links?? We got named as one of the “best single-operator newsletters” by Inside Hook and also popped up recently in Digiday and Business Insider!! so that’s cool. )

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