who's got the most toxic culture of them all?

The weird musical chairs effect of media outlets reporting out each others’ racist, abusive, or generally shoddy work culture recently sure feels like one big The Office standoff meme; just in the past week, we had Digiday on Bleacher Report, Business Insider on more suspensions at Bon App, and Jezebel on Remezcla, amongst many others (though I’m still waiting on whoever wants to flesh out the Peter Meehan/Lucky Peach narrative!! good lord is hip food media messed up!!) 

You should read them all and then also make time to read the latest from yesterday, VICE’s blockbuster of a report on What Went Wrong at The Los Angeles Times, which is basically a compendium of all the different ways you could erode a newsroom staff and their trust, complete with mysterious anonymous letters, a truly horrific metaphor about seeds and soil, and ugh, just the most dramatic first quote you could dream of. 

Signal Boost:

Joe Cole: I have 7+ years in the ad industry, mostly in social/digital strategy. I’m preferably looking join the social/digital/marketing team for a Democratic political campaign. I would also be interested in political orgs or non-profits related to voter rights, climate change/green new deal, or other progressive causes. Essentially, I’m tired of selling cars and fast food and I want to help democracy and people. As my job hunting experience is mostly tailored to ad agencies, I am interested in everything from posted job opportunities to picking the brain of people who are in these spheres, particularly if they are or have worked on a political campaign. Email SBjoecole@gmail.com

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