Well yesterday was certainly fun online and if you missed it here are the definitive Chartbeat-boggling (<- link to a tweet) deets (<- link to the post), but in other news, there is Still Generally More Bad Shit Happening To Local News; here’s just the latest October 2020 edition:

  1. As Local News Dies, a Pay-for-Play Network Rises in Its Place ← Ummmmm I could barely get past the second line of this much less wrap my brain around the entire apparatus of fuckery at work here. She had to write the article for how much??

  2. The Sacramento Bee’s owner is trying to tie journalist pay to pageviews, per the Sacramento Bee News Guild. It would be one thing if this were still like the late 00’s and we still semi-believed that pageviews meant anything, but dude that ship sailed so long ago that it’s honestly embarrassing to know any kind of media CEO would believe this could work.

  3. “By reporting on the weaknesses in emergency-response systems and spotlighting efforts to fix them, I hoped to better prepare other communities, including my own. My experiences during the Almeda Drive Fire, however, have left me wondering whether my own local officials ever read or listened to my reporting—or whether it was all a waste of time.” AHHHHHHH.

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