the perfect journal for your new september personality

A question I get asked a lot is “this newsletter is daily? wtf how do you do it???” and one honest answer is that I just ……………………..really do not have a lot else going on in life outside of Deez Links and work and this one other writing project and the backlog of Grey’s Anatomy. (If that sounds like a burnout problem just waiting to implode, you are not wrong!) So, anyway, the chance to kinda take a couple of weeks off and do shit like bike into Manhattan and order oysters at a restaurant and recreationally ride the ferry up and down, grinning like a psychopath who has never seen water, was a huge relief. I hope you all had the chance to do something similarly chill / freeing over the long weekend. 

Notwithstanding the nightmare scenario of H1 and all these doomsday forecasts about how bad it’s still gonna get, I still have a lot of wide-eyed hope about the onset of fall; Jasmin Nahar wrote perfectly about September as the month of reinvention a few years ago for BuzzFeed, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for the article equivalent of that new backpack smell. 

The other big new-syllabus-energy thing I recommend is ordering Kara Cutruzzula’s Do It For Yourself motivational journal, which comes out...TODAY! You know Kara from her daily productivity and creativity newsletter, Brass Ring Daily (q&a with her here); I’m lucky to count Kara as a mentor and personal Julia Cameron-level source of inspiration. Now we can all get more of Kara’s sage wisdom for starting (and finishing!) creative projects, just in time for our respective September Reinvention overhauls. As an ancient proverb once said, it’s not a full personality change until you’ve documented it in a gorgeous journal, okay?

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