discussing optimism, somehow

ICYMI: I had a lot of fun (and probably ran my mouth a little too much) guesting on Kevin Lorenzo and Arjun Ram Srivatsa’s Diversity Hire Podcast last week! When Arjun and Kevin first reached out about having me on, I was pretty nervous because I haven’t done a “longformy” podcast interview before, and especially not partially on Zoom (eye contact for 90 minutes? you know how I feel about that).

I was also honestly nervous about talking about being a POC in media, because what was there really to say — at a time when conversations about Asian-American experiences in general are especially in vogue — that didn’t feel canned or redundant? 

But to Kevin and Arjun’s credit, they set up a really lovely conversation that gave a lot of breathing room to existential questions about what’s really changed in media (and what hasn’t), as well as nuances to the “POC in media experience” that I hadn’t quite articulated out loud before: the scarcity mindset dogging all that professional envy, the ways so many of us have taught ourselves to speak White Man-ese in this industry, and the blatant luck that comes with making it this “far,” so far.

The theme of the podcast is basically (lol) “being optimistic with Delia Cai,” but if I could, I’d add that it’s only possible to be optimistic when a lot of stars have aligned — and when one is given spaces like this great podcast to wax ponderous. I hope you get the chance to take a listen (and to check out past episodes with greats like Doreen St. Felix and Emmanuel Felton!). 

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