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 So this is cool: The Wall Street Journal just launched a six-week Money Challenge “course” to school you on personal finance basics — you get a weekly email of exercises, tips, and even homework, in case you missed that particular strain of structure. It’s a newsletter series of course (<-- media in 2020, in a nutshell) and brought to you by a dream team of Deez Links faves, Bourree Lam and Julia Carpenter, but it’s also pretty neat for another reason: The series launches right after you sign up!

That means you, the reader, don’t have to sign up by a certain day (I signed up Sunday and got my first email yesterday), and WSJ, the sender, is betting on this series as an “evergreen product” — something with a shelf life longer than a single article while also being way lower maintenance than as a regularly occurring newsletter. Bourree and I chatted about the project over email, and she said that the Money Challenge was purposefully designed to help new audiences form certain WSJ-centric readership habits and also to “give readers a sense of completion,” which, in the age of doomscrolling, sounds like something akin to mercy? 

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  • Q-Anon. Fake News. Bohemian Grove. False flag attacks. Deep state. Crisis actors. Whatever Gate. Is any conspiracy worth the life of a believer? American Madness: The Story of the Phantom Patriot and How Conspiracy Theories Hijacked American Consciousness by Tea Krulos explores how it all went wrong. Review copy available now.

  • 11 Again is a podcast that asks people what they were obsessed with as kids. A lot of kids fixate on something, a movie, or game, or book, or whatever. I'm having guests revisit the things they couldn’t put down, and trying to figure out what they mean to them now.

  • Rebooting is a self-care survival guide for technologists. Every other week, I discuss different ways to build better relationships with the tech in our lives, like using a journaling app for petty thoughts, or how the Shortcuts app can help with anxiety. Subscribe here.

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