lessons to learn from Twohey & Kantor

lol this INSIDER post by editor-in-chief Nicholas Carlson about how 'She Said' is the best book about journalism I have ever read is kind of funny because he repeats that sentiment about 80 times in the piece (the bullet point killed me honestly), but in all seriousness, he does draw out some of the best lessons in journalism exhibited by Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor’s reporting on the Weinstein scandal.

“The main lesson from the book is that it is hard to find sources who know the story, 10X harder to get them to tell you their story off the record, and 1,000X harder to persuade those sources to let you share their story on the record,” Carlson notes, but there’s also one major distinction he draws between Twohey & Kantor’s work vs. others who’ve tried reporting on this kind of abuse of power (not to be confused with sex, bob): instead of trying to figure out which side is “telling the truth,” this investigation focused instead on immovable evidence — the documents, the provable wrongdoings, the legal paper trail. Not sexy stuff, but it hardly ever should be, eh?