Maggie Haberman had to WHAT?????

This Vulture piece on how Hollywood is getting into scandal insurance — i.e., if you drop the star of your movie because he’s a gropey disgrace, you’re covered for costs associated with hiring a new actor, reshooting scenes, etc. — hits different now that the news is out about how Maggie Haberman had to give her giant book advance back because of Glenn Thrush’s sexual misconduct allegations BUT HE GOT TO KEEP HIS (yes, you read that right; yes, our eyeballs veins popped, too), from Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed News. Like yes, the contract-ese makes sense, but pardon. moi. She had to WHAT???

Anyway, looks like Random House might need to get on the list for shitty behavior insurance, and listen...we’re no actuary, but if you ask us, lately it kind of sounds like dudes are getting to be a real general liability on the job. Petition to expand coverage to Dude Insurance? (OR, possibly, just...stop investing in bad dudes?)