mom, where do new yorker covers come from?

High on my personal wishlist of Things They Should Make A Documentary About: the whole process it takes to make a New Yorker cover, both from the editorial decision-making and commissioning side as well as the artists’ side, which is why I really loved this little q&a that ELLE did with 27-year-old painter Grace Lynne Haynes, whose Sojourner Truth cover you’ve definitely seen.

But still! I have so many more questions. Like, what kind of deadline do the artists have to work with? What happens to the actual physical paintings/drawings/etc. after publication? Does it pay well? Who’s in charge of making sure the lineup doesn’t get too repetitive? Is there a secret Google Drive of cover contenders that never ended up getting pubbed (what was the post-election cover in 2016 supposed to be)??? Lmk if you have any details please!

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