‘roni lifestyle content is just asking people what they think about the dentist

I’ve been thinking a lot about how lifestyle content in the age of coronavirus has morphed from the former obsession with what’s in people’s makeup cabinets / kitchens / wardrobes to this pure curiosity about the way everyone is decision-making with the murky information hellscape that is the pandemic — you’ve noticed all your conversations with friends pivoting to this too, right? — which is why I thoroughly enjoyed reading WaPo’s lil piece on how Fauci (of Fauci Pouchy fame) and five other health specialists are personally dealing with everything from mask wearage to dentist appointments to dining out at restaurants (if you, like me, are also stressin about making that latter decision, my friend Abigail Koffler did a good crowdsourced IG story about this for her This Needs Hot Sauce newsletter). 

It helps with the decision fatigue, it helps establish some kind of informed consensus, it helps to remind you that no, you are not being the paranoid jolly green joybuster just because you’re still acting like there is a raging pandemic ‘cause HELLO there is????? It is a little scary to realize how much of life comes down to scanning the room to see what everyone else is doing when the stakes are this high, but in the absence of reliable info, maybe locking into these granular lifestyle decisions = maybe the best tools we have for browbeating each other into… conformity? or is it unity?

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