so this is power huh

If you’ve been trying to suss out yesterday’s Twitter kerfuffle over how A) Harper’s (which, quick reminder, is not Harper’s Bazaar) Magazine was supposedly gonna out the creator of the Shitty Media Men list, which led to B) feminist blog founder & writer Nicole Cliffe rallying writers to pull out of Harper's upcoming issue to protest, and then C) ka-fuckin-blam, said list creator went and outed herself on The Cut: I Started the Media Men List: My Name Is Moira Donegan to get ahead of the curve anyway, well, the NYT has a detailed chronology for ya here.

While Donegan’s essay is a requisite read for anyone who still isn’t quite sure sexual harassment in media is like, out there, I’m super fascinated by the role Cliffe took on in this, especially with her personal offer to literally pay writers the amount they were owned if they pulled out of the issue. And writers took her up on it! For $19,000 worth of work! Is this a new form of journalistic collective action (since the whole unions thing is still looking dicey af), or is it just how a small but growing class of women in media with power & influence are taking things into their own hands? I’m so interested.

(Also, bonus link: this scalpel-sharp take on the James Franco situation, of which the article tags are especially great).

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