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It continues to feel weird to get asked to talk about newsletters and media, but hey in these pandemic times, we gotta take our conversational opportunities where we can get ‘em, eh? Here are some fun interviews I’ve done lately with very wonderful people: 

  • For Wing Sze Tang’s The Knowhow newsletter, I talked about imposter syndrome, “productivity” during a pandemic, and my halcyon days as a tween Draco Malfoy fanfic author. Wing was my Substack Bridge mentee last fall, and you should absolutely subscribe to her newsletter for consistently thoughtful interviews with ambitious women (who are usually not me lol).

  • On Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo’s A Thing Or Two podcast, I gave a long drawn out explanation of why the “Substack moment” in media really is so groundbreaking (i.e., people are willing to pay for stuff online and that’s relatively new and good!!). Erica and I bonded a few years ago when we found out we went to the same little high school in Illinois, so you can absolutely FEEL the midwestern chumminess throughout.

  • For Colin Nagy and Noah Brier’s Why Is This Interesting? newsletter, I discussed my media diet, how much I love Weike Wang’s Chemistry, and Peaky Blinders, of course. Also I thought submitting a selfie for a headshot would be funny, but the effect is a little terrifying, so I’m sorry about that Colin.

  • And for UT Austin’s Knight Center online course “Newsletter Strategies for Journalists: How to Create, Grow and Monetize Newsletters,” I talked about how I tried to make money selling Deez Links tote bags (did not really work but the bags are still available and fun!) and how classified ads were a WAY better route to go.

Also, on Wednesday, I’m doing a lil Valentiney event with Hearst’s AAPI Affinity group where I get to interview the Cosmopolitan’s Carina Hsieh about her work! RSVP here if you wanna come hang out.

Anyway, I also just want to say thanks for reading and supporting this newsletter as always. Deez Links turns five next week and just hit ten! thousand! subscribers on this crazy roller coaster ride, so ya I’m definitely having a breakdown about it but it’s the good kind!!!

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