TFW you double-majored in surgery AND eloquence

One person who I would love to interview Someday After is Columbia’s chair of the department of surgery/surgeon-in-chief, Dr. Craig Smith, because I have approx. a bajillion questions about his process for writing these super straightforward, super informative emails that get tweeted out from @ColumbiaSurgery every day over the past month (they’re all in that thread, so you can scroll back and read ‘em; my faves are the first one, with the Balto reference, this one with the moon appreciation, another great Balto themed one, and this one, which quotes T.S. Eliot).  

If there is to be a genre of “comforting coronavirus communications” arising from all of the authority figures who’ve figured out how to talk to us like stern but unpretentious parents, Dr. Smith’s emails deserve a spot at the top of the list. Even though they’re addressed to literal medical colleagues, these missives are hugely accessible, informative, and to top it off, so eloquent that I find it rare to read one and not feel stirred.

Do you guys think he lines up all the facts and figures first, or does he start with the historic factoid / weird fish specimens metaphor and then go from there? Obviously our dude definitely has more important things to do right now than to weigh in on his communication style but MARK MY WORDS Dr. Smith one day we will have a proper lil chat okay??

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