“This job is the ultimate backstage pass. It can make you believe in humanity, but it can also suck the humanity out of you.”

Kinda think everyone should stop and read this paramedic’s POV on what it’s been like to work on the frontlines of COVID over the past few months, just in case anyone’s forgotten not only how horrifying things were in NY at the height of the pandemic but also how things are extremely Not Over At All??

It’s an interview that succinctly highlights how the U.S. response to coronavirus has been a catastrophe just waiting to happen once you multiply the unique fuckedness of our healthcare system and gig economy by the life vs. death consequences of inequality and subtract a decent safety net for the people who need it most. There’s so much to be outraged about here:  Paramedics make how much? Some are too scared of bringing the virus home so they’re living where? Plus, this line, “We weren’t carrying too many stretchers into the fancy brownstones.” You just have to read it all. 

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