we made Deez Links tote bags!!!

Good morning, Deezers! We’re kicking off this week with some verrrrrry exciting news: We made Deez Links tote bags!!!! And you can order them RIGHT NOW!!1

Here’s what the tote design looks like:

Many of you dear lovely people have been asking us how to rep & spread the word about your fave daily links newsletter. So of course we had to go the tote route and have a little Eustace Tilley-themed fun. (And we have the extremely talented Natasha Ygsi to thank for this brilliant design!)

We’ll be selling tote bags at $25 each — with all proceeds going to the Committee to Protect Journalists, (whose website you should check out today at the very least for the good Amal Clooney pics.)

SOoOoOO: Want to snag yourself an ~exclusive, limited edition Deez Links tote~? Fill out this order form here, send your dollas via Venmo or carrier pigeon, and give us a couple of weeks to get them shipped to ya.

We’ll be dropping more pics of the tote ~ in action ~ later this week. And if you have any questions, just reply to this email or hit a girl up directly at deliarcai@gmail.com. As always, thanks for subscribing — we’re officially 2.5 years strong, and we only have you to thank.

Link Deez Links? Forward to everyone w/good tote taste!!!