well how about some ‘toks?

Well it’s certainly been a week AND it isn’t even over yet????? So I figured I would bust out some TikToks from my saved tab in case they make you ugly-chortle alone at 2 a.m. also.

  1. As the former author of one (1) very bad Draco Malfoy fanfiction series, I am disgustingly intrigued with all mega-creative Harry Potter fanfic TikToks (this! Sorting! Hat! One!). This one is also great bc damn Hogwarts really was that white huh. I’m also generally interested in this phenomenon where we’re all stuck in like ‘00s nostalgia and it means Gen Z is getting into franchises like HP that technically “before” their time? If you see good writing on that, lmk.

  2. Isn’t it wild that there are already so many unspoken rules of Zoom etiquette? Although has anyone decided if it’s okay to eat during a meeting yet?

  3. Oh look it’s footage of Chris Wallace from Tuesday night (did I already share this? Well it’s evergreen)

  4. What crimes would you commit in order to time-travel to this moment right now, asking for a friend…

  1. And finally, a shark one and a chicken one that defy explanation but made me feel real joy :’)

Send me your faves!!!

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