live q&a w/Terry Nguyen + more asian joy tiktoks

Here’s a fun thing: Anne Helen Petersen and I are doing a live Q&A with the brilliant Terry Nguyen around the latest edition of her Gen Yeet newsletter on the Sidechannel ***this Thursday at 5 pm ET***. (If you’re not on the Sidechannel Discord, here’s how to get an invite). Come hang out!

Other than that, I’ve just got some more TikToks of Asian joy (part 1 here) to help you close out this Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. It’s been a singularly weird month, but I’m wholly grateful that rising vaccination rates have made it possible to experience some of this joy out in the wild, too. Let’s keep looking out for each other out there, okay?

  1. Oh you don’t actively miss getting dim sum? Well you’re about to

  2. Protect azn dads, part 1

  3. 1000% accurate sales auntie impression

  4. Ok not technically a joyful one, but the “respectfully” at the end ended me

  5. Bon-chan the tortoise (i mean, I’m just assuming he’s asian)

  6. Protect azn dads, part 2

  7. If you have a Chinese mom send this to her

  8. This girl is honestly my favorite person on the whole dang app and she’s about to be yours, too

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